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Ruttleys Road, Mannering Park, NSW 2259 Australia (next Mannering Colliery)

Turn off the Pacific Highway, into Ruttleys Road, on the Northern side of Doyalson.

Then turn right, after approx 1 km, just after the 80km speed sign, into the field at the gate with the CCMAC sign.

The club, set in bushland just off Ruttleys Rd, features a large grass field including a concrete landing strip. Club house, pit area with shaded aircraft tables, BBQ, toilets, and plenty of parking.


Large smooth grass field, with concrete strip, and two control line circles


The pilot's box


Undercover tables


The CCMAC field as seen from the air by Paul's aerobatic plane!


It has to be admitted that on occasion a plane has crashed in the surrounding bush!
The 7 markers placed around the field are intended to provide some small assistance in identifying where a plane has crashed in relation to the aerial map below, a copy of which is in the clubhouse. For example, if it is thought from the pilot box that a plane came down between markers 3 and 4, reference to the map may give some clues as to where to look. It is conceded that this system may not be of assistance in all circumstances, but it may help in some, particularly where the marked fire trail provides a reference point.  Good Luck!

BUT, for safety:

1/ Do not go into the bush alone.

2/ Let someone else know where you are going searching.

3/ Take a working mobile phone, and advise the number to members remaining on the field

4/ Wear boots, long sleeves, and hat; and take water in summer.


The gate sign on Ruttleys Road

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