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CCMAC Safety Code
Although being CCMAC's newest
member Pete L has some years previous
experience flying at the Maitland club.
Having now moved to the Central Coast,
he has once more taken up flying having
joined CCMAC, with both an electric
trainer, and this Sonic with 46 nitro.
Welcome to the Club Peter.
About a year ago Dave started bringing
his young son Lucas to CCMAC to learn
to fly. Lucas soon gained his wings. Dave
got hooked watching, and soon joined
himself to start lessons. He progressed
almost as fast as his son; and has now
gained his own Silver wings. In our pic
Dave (right) is congratulated by Dennis.
Yes, it is another gasser for Derek. But the
engine is the same new 10cc RCGF after his MXS
was recently destroyed in a second recent dead
The plane is a 1600mm span Spacewalker
originally built by Gunter from an HK ply/balsa kit.
The maiden was a success, after serious
attention to the engine to avoid a further dead
Robert has now rejoined
CCMAC after a year long trip
around Australia.
To celebrate his return he is
completing this new Ripmax
Bolero with 46 nitro, and has
also aquired an electric Black
Horse 4D Stick to beat up the
field. Welcome back Rob!
Peter M has recently joined CCMAC.
An ongoing long time member of the
Gosford Club, he has now also joined us
to experience a new field, and reduce
travel time from his local home.
After its maiden, Dennis reported that his new giant
Corby Starlet was a "pussy cat", although it did need
some prop tuning.
At 2181mm span this Sportsman Aviation plane with
Turnigy G160 on 2x5s batteries is impressive and full
of character!
Another new student pilot recently joined
CCMAC. Bob D had previous flying
experience with control line planes, but is
now keen to learn RC in order to get Silver
wings. He built this new electric  Boomerang
60 to practice.
The Club held an impromptu "Twinny" event on Thursday October 4th. As can be seen in the pics attendees included:
Phil's new Beechcraft Baron, which was maidened.
Tony's superb Mosquito, which was almost maidened!
Dennis' impressive Deuces Wild.
Gary's scratch built depron and brown paper Caribou!
Plus a pair of Bush Mules, and a Catalina.
Themes for possible future events - Warbirds, Aerobatic, Gliders, Nitro and Gas, etc, etc?
Phil's very nice new 1760mm span twin VQ Beechcraft
Baron was very successfully maidened at the recent
"Twinny" morning.
It needed little trimming, and power was more
than adequate due to 50 motors being fitted in place of
recommended 36 motors!
Rob's previous maiden was nitro, but he is also
going electric with his new Black Horse 4D Stick
with Turnigy G46 power. Rob was almost
immediately testing its aerobatic capabilities to
the max!
Yet again something out the ordinary for Gary!
He has built this Airbus from a kit donated to the
Club. It proved to be an excellent flyer, and the
plan is now to sell it to the benefit of Club funds.
Derek has replaced his recently deceased
Phoenix MXs with a new HK Goldwing MXSR70,
with electric power. Turnigy Aero 5055 600kv
on 5s battery. The colour may be a bit garish,
but the maiden performance was impressive
after 1" increase in prop size. Good power, and
excellent handling.
Gunter resisted yet another Wilga to maiden this
unusual Sonic HD wing. 1200mm span, on 3s. Launch
technique was a bit tricky to master, but it proved an
excellent performer with Gunter almost immediately
getting stuck into energetic loops, rolls and spins!
Pete M has flown his brand new 60 size
Boomerang, powered by Turnigy G60 on 5s. It
flew really well but Pete is already lusting after
more power with 6Ss batteries!
After four unsatisfactory EDFs, Derek vowed never to get
another, BUT, he succumbed to a new FMS Yak 130.
880mm span, 70mm 12 blade fan, with flaps, and retracts.
Maiden verdict? Love at first flight. Fast, easy take off,
excellent power, extremely stable flight, smooth landing
glide in and touch down. Best ever EDF, a keeper!
Dave found the maiden of his new Black Horse
Speedair, 1600mm span, with G46 a bit too exciting
for his liking! But several adjustments of aileron and
elevator trim soon resulted in a huge improvement of
its handling. So much so that he is now really
enjoying the high performance of his new machine!
Chris invested a whole $70 in an HK Hawk kit to utilise
70mm EDF and all the electrics from a written off HK
The maiden performance amazed all including Chris!
Easy take off, predictable handing, and a reasonable
turn of speed.
He is so pleased with it, he has now even put on its
Keith was shocked at the maiden flight of his tiny nitro
powered Extra.
900mm span, with an ASP 25 engine gave it amazing speed,
and extremely touchy handling until Keith managed to exert
enough control for a successful landing.
Flap throws were then reduced to almost half, resulting in a
much more predictable and enjoyable aerobatic second flight.
Bailey joined CCMAC less than four years ago at the age of ten.
As a student pilot he was extremely keen to learn from tutor Dennis
and did not take very long to achieve his Silver wings and go solo.
From then he rapidly progressed to become one of the most capable
pilots in the Club, regardless of age! From the early days he benefited
from a series of planes gifted by the club's experienced pilots Soon his
collection grew rapidly to occupy a full room at his family home! The
next challenge was to start building, and he excelled by completing a
superb 1800mm span electric Spitfire.
Now he has excelled yet again by being awarded his
Gold wings, one
of CCMAC's youngest to achieve this level. In awarding Bailey Gold,
instructor Warren commented that he showed exceptional skills, and
would be capable of doing the Club proud if he was to consider
competition as his next challenge!
Bailey is awarded his Gold Wings by his tutor Dennis
A younger Bailey with one of his early foamies
Getting trimming assistance from Warren
for his unusual ornithopter!
Maiden of the superb Spitfire, his first major project