CCMAC Safety Code
CCMAC Safety Code
CCMAC Safety Code
CCMAC Safety Code
Derek has replaced his recently deceased
Phoenix MXs with a new HK Goldwing MXSR70,
with electric power. Turnigy Aero 5055 600kv
on 5s battery. The colour may be a bit garish,
but the maiden performance was impressive
after 1" increase in prop size. Good power, and
excellent handling.
Dave found the maiden of his new Black Horse
Speedair, 1600mm span, with G46 a bit too exciting
for his liking! But several adjustments of aileron and
elevator trim soon resulted in a huge improvement of
its handling. So much so that he is now really
enjoying the high performance of his new machine!
Chris invested a whole $70 in an HK Hawk kit to utilise
70mm EDF and all the electrics from a written off HK
The maiden performance amazed all including Chris!
Easy take off, predictable handing, and a reasonable
turn of speed.
He is so pleased with it, he has now even put on its
Keith was shocked at the maiden flight of his tiny nitro
powered Extra.
900mm span, with an ASP 25 engine gave it amazing speed,
and extremely touchy handling until Keith managed to exert
enough control for a successful landing.
Flap throws were then reduced to almost half, resulting in a
much more predictable and enjoyable aerobatic second flight.
Bailey joined CCMAC less than four years ago at the age of ten.
As a student pilot he was extremely keen to learn from tutor Dennis
and did not take very long to achieve his Silver wings and go solo.
From then he rapidly progressed to become one of the most capable
pilots in the Club, regardless of age! From the early days he benefited
from a series of planes gifted by the club's experienced pilots Soon his
collection grew rapidly to occupy a full room at his family home! The
next challenge was to start building, and he excelled by completing a
superb 1800mm span electric Spitfire.
Now he has excelled yet again by being awarded his
Gold wings, one
of CCMAC's youngest to achieve this level. In awarding Bailey Gold,
instructor Warren commented that he showed exceptional skills, and
would be capable of doing the Club proud if he was to consider
competition as his next challenge!
Bailey is awarded his Gold Wings by his tutor Dennis
A younger Bailey with one of his early foamies
Pete M invested a whole $75 in this Dancing Wings
kit from Banggood! After assembling the airframe
he covered it in this distinctive pink scheme.It flew
very well on maiden but he felt that it needed
more,power. So having been upgraded from 32
electric to 46 size it is now a real goer!
Brian P appreciates a good flyer!
So he is delighted with the performance of
this Wot 4 that now shares a hangar with
his Wot Trainer. (and a large assortment of
classic style models)
Paul L decided to stir up the large numbers of
Mustangs and Spitfires flying at CCMAC with the
maiden of his new 46ASP nitro powered
Messerchmitt ME109. It proved to be an excellent
performer, although a bit tricky to land, as many
Rob now has a very neat EFlite P3 Revolution
in his squadron. Almost immediately he was
carving up the sky with his normal
exhuberance! Will be even better with a higher
capacity battery to enable longer flights!
Arthur can always be relied on to come up with something
innovative, different,and beautifully constructed. He has done
it again with this superb new 2200mm span electric twinnie.
He was sadly contemplating the wreckage of a nice balsa
trainer when he decded to utilise only the tail section in a
project that he been considering for some time. This resulted
in rounding, stretching, and converting from high to low wing.
Next he built a wing centre section including nacelles,
incorporating two SKF4240 motors, and Yep85 escs. Wing
outer sections came from a previously uncompleted project.
Next, the cockpit section was designed, and retracts fitted. A
taxi test revealed that the nose gear was too short so this was
soon modified to ensure adequate ground clearance. The
plane was built over six months without a plan. It certainly
looks fantastic.
The original single motor trainer!
Student pilot Larry has shown a keen aptitude for
designing and building his own balsa and ply electric
aircraft. His latest is an impressive low wing trainer with a
resemblance to a high speed crop duster! Its maiden by
Dennis revealed a need for CG and trim adjustments.
These completed, it should be a good performer with its
G46 motor!
What was Gunter looking so relaxed and
satisfied about?
Possibly because he had invested in a
brand new Saito four stroke stroke engine,
and it started on the very first flick to run
without falter through a full tank.
And, it was "cool" as could be on stopping.
Next he installed it in his largest project to
date, a 2100mm span Pilatus.

what was to happen next?
However, believe it or not, Gunter very soon lost interest in the project realising that apart from other considerations it was just a bit
too large to fit in his car!
Never slow to spot an excellent large plane at an attractive price, Dennis soon offered to aquire the airframe in order to build up
another plane to replace his beloved Pilatus which met a sad end in the tree tops a couple of years ago. Hence the nitro motor was
rapidly replaced with Turnigy G180, before for maiden flight. And isn't the finished plane a picture!
Beware of that prop Gunter!
Dennis was over the moon at the maiden of his
superb large scale Pilatus with G180 electric.
Another great big pussycat!
David B dug an AFR HK Spacewalker out of his
stack of unbuilt kits to put it together with a new
NGH 9cc gasser.
Unlike most Spacewalkers, it goes like frantic
dingbat in typical Dave style!
Peter M has also maidened a very nice
Spacewalker, with some very niced added
scale details. Powered by G46 on 5s.  It
required some trimming but then quickly
settled down to become a good flyer.